Your teeth aren't the only health concern when it comes to sugar intake.

Health issues linked to blood sugar imbalances are on the rise, and many people may not realize why.

Many food products are loaded with sugar, even ones that may not seem like it.

Dr. Jason Baietto with ADIO Chiropractic says all this sugar isn't just found in candy and soda.

"The biggest ones are grains. The consumption of bread, the way that we consume it, how much we consume is leading to huge spikes in sugar consumption and the disease processes that are coming along with sugar. Yogurt is a good example as well. Sometimes people thing they're doing a great thing by eating certain types of yogurt but if you look at the sugar content in two different yogurts, one could have thirty grams of sugar and one could have two."

He added that younger people are being effected by these imbalances.

"Type Two Diabetes is super prevalent and it's rising. We used to call it Adult Onset Diabetes because it only happened in adults; now we call it Type Two Diabetes because we're seeing it in younger and younger people. We're seeing teenagers who have Type Two Diabetes because of their diets and what they're putting into their bodies."

Baietto and his colleague Dr. Danny recently hosted a "Sugar Crash Workshop" to educate residents about the dangers of overconsumption of sugar and alternatives to sugar-heavy products.

An estimated 100 million people in North America have health issues related to sugar imbalances.


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