As graduation season rolls around once again, students may notice, fees to participate in the ceremonies add up fast.

A local student graduating this year; Portia Scabar, hopes to help with that as she's leading a bottle collecting fundraiser to help students with the various costs.

Scabar is working with local businesses and the surrounding area to collect bottles for an accumulative fund to help take a chunk out of everyones graduation fees.

Scabar says: "A couple students are still struggling with the flood, having trouble finding work, and do not have a vehicle." She continues: "A few of the grads were having trouble fundraising for themselves, so I started fundraising for it."

The list of graduation fees adds up fast, as ceremony gowns, banquet tickets for the students and their families, may lead some of the attendants a little short on cash.

She says: "I liked it because I got to be part of something that was bigger than myself, I was helping a lot of people, and meet a lot of new people in the community, as well as grow closer with some of my peers."


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