High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass says in last week's budget numbers the Town is looking to spend 96 million dollars over the next 10 years on capital projects.

And Snodgrass says some very big projects are going to cut into that 96 million dollars.

"Our waste water facility, you know that Town of High River's committment on that is going to be 20 to 30 million, it's probably a 45 million dollar project. And we're going to be into it for at least that. So, if you take that off the 96 okay now we're down to 60 and then you look at our water treatment plant, there's going to be upgrades...call that another 10 million."

Snodgrass says the Town can't do it alone.

"Alberta Environment imposes these regulations on these communities and we're supposed to just build a new forty million dollar thing. We're thirteen thousand people, we can't afford that. So in my mind if there's an area where government has to step up to meet what they want as environmental regulations? No problem, but you got to dole out the cash to fix this stuff."

Snodgrass says the budget is a big number but that it's spread out over ten years, which actually works out to less per year than the 11.7 million dollars the Town is spending on capital projects in 2019.



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