The Foothills Advocacy in Motion society is proudly supporting a 49 year old woman named Misty, who currently works at the Ramada Hotel Restaurant in High River.

Despite having a developmental disability, Misty is a natural in greeting and socializing with customers and has become an indispensable member of the team.

Executive Director for the FAIM society Gerry McCallum, says when it comes to making guests feel welcome, Misty is a natural.

"We are very pleased with how Misty is doing and just like most of us she's had a few jobs over the last few years, but this one seems to be something she's really pleased with and is really excelling at. She's working right at the front line with interacting with the public and is getting great feedback from the customers who are receiving support in her position. Like any of us, it's about playing into her natural skills and the gifts she has."

Misty's roles at the hotel include keeping the kitchen area stocked, orderly and ready for breakfast service.

She also assures that guests at the hotel feel welcome and that any special requests they have are fulfilled.

McCallum says regardless of the obstacles we face, getting out and involved in the community is a vital part of personal autonomy.

"We all gain from employment, many times it's more than the paycheque we get. We make friends, we learn skills, we learn to take direction and we learn to work with a boss. As a result you see many people obtaining their first work experience, which means it's the first real time expectations are placed on them. So there's really a lot of great growth, Misty is a great example. She's had a lot of different jobs over the years, but she's really growing and excelling with her position at the Ramada."

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