Nanton ratepayers will see a slight increase in their taxes this year.

Back in December Town Council tried to keep the increase to zero, but a few unexpected expenses have come up.

Mayor Jennifer Handley says the mill rate is going up by 2.82 percent, up by .3105 - The mill rate will now be 11.305 from 10.995  going up by 2.91.

"We wanted to hold the line," said Handley. "Administration did an incredible job of maintaining that, however what's happened in the last five months since we approved that budget is why we needed to increase it."

Handley says the snow last winter was a problem.

"Snow removal was a big thing. It was almost $50,000 in additional contract work to remove snow this winter. It was unbudgetted money and it needed to come from somewhere."

There are also several pressing issues at the Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre which added to the unplanned expenses.

And some unforeseen problems came up at the recycling centre after the town moved to curbside recycling that has cost some money.

2018 Capital Projects include:

- Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

- Reclamation of Old Sewer Plant

- Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre HVAC Upgrades

- Valve and Hydrant Replacement

- Wayfinding Signage Project

- Public Washroom on Hwy 2 North

- Parking Lot in Downtown Core

- Centennial Park Pathway Upgrade

- Pool Upgrades


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