Premier Rachel Notley says Canadians are at a pivotal moment as she has decided to stay home instead of attending the Western Premiers Meeting.

She says in sending Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman to the meeting as Alberta's representative they need to make something very clear.

"If we want to make sure every Canadian can get the medications they need we need to be able to pay for it," said Notley. " So while they are at the premiers meeting talking about how to spend that kind of money, I will be here in Alberta figuring out how to earn that kind of money."

Notley adds one participant at the meeting is working hard to take 15 billion dollars a year out of the Canadian economy.

"We are fighting to make sure working families can continue to get great care in our hospitals so our kids can continue to get great education. "

Notley said they are also fighting for the pipeline because fundamentally they believe that region-to-region, city-to-city Canada is a place where we help one another out.

Notley adds things are at an important stage in their talks about the Trans Mountain Pipeline and going to the Western Premiers Meeting just so she could talk face-to-face with B.C. Premier John Horgan asked

"If we were a long ways away from a decision point on the pipeline maybe spending 45 minutes chastising John Horgan in front of other premiers would be a good use of my time, but quite honestly right now we are very close to some very important decisions that have to be made, very complex decisions with a lot of moving parts."


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