Rachel Notley

The Red Deer Chamber of Commerce welcomed Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Monday, June 4th to talk about the oil and gas industry.

Notley says opposition from the Federal Conservatives is mispalced.

"I'm pleased that we are moving forward on this pipeline and the federal Conservatives should stop cheering for its demise".

Notley says the Conservatives are being hypocritical when it comes to their criticism of the deal the Trudeau Liberals made with Kinder Morgan to buy the pipeline.

"The Federal Conservatives are opposed to investment in this pipeline but when they were in charge, they managed to give $9 billion to protect Ontario jobs. So, I'm curious as to why they're happy to stand up for Ontario workers but not happy to stand up for Alberta workers."

Notley also says the Conservatives had nine years to get this pipeline built and they couldn't get the job done.

Notley brought up working to find a balance between jobs, the economy and the environment.

"We have to protect the environment, we have to protect the coastline, we have to combat climate change, but a plan that just throws working people under the bus and considers them sort of faceless collateral damage is a plan that will fail".

Other topics discussed at the event included marijuana legislation and the recent tariffs on steel and aluminum.


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