A few Okotoks residents are once again calling on Fish and Wildlife to help injured animals in town.

Jennifer Brown, a Tower Hill Resident, says over the past few months she's seen multiple deer with injuries in her yard.

"There's been quite a few injured deer around Okotoks, I've had two in the Tower Hill area that frequent my place quite a bit," she explains. "I have a male buck that has a rear back leg where I'm not sure if he's been hit by a car but he's not using it. I also have this female doe who's probably in my yard every couple of days with a front right leg which is pretty much hanging off, it's been badly injured."

Brown says after seeing the deer's condition she called Fish and Wildlife, who told her unless an animal is lethargic and laying around they will not extend help.

While the deer are still eating and moving around, Brown points out the animal's healing process may not be going smoothly, she's noticed wounds the deer sustained keep opening.

Brown adds many people have commented that nature will take its course, but reminds residents that Okotoks has in fact taken over the animal's natural habitat.

"The town of Okotoks is growing hugely year by year and we're taking away their green space, where else are they going to come but our town? In our yards and streets, and that puts them at a higher risk of being hurt, and nobody is there to help these animals when they do get hurt."

Brown would like to see a plan put in place to help animals injured within town.

"Nobody comes out to look and see if these poor animals are suffering, yeah they're wandering around and eating because that's what they do, but is it actually in pain? You can't see the pain on these animal's faces, if they're in pain then put them down."

"They have to deal with cars and people, then they end up getting hurt, and then people say 'oh well it's just an animal'."

Fish and Wildlife representatives were not available to comment on this story.

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