2017 has been a year full of ups and downs for the Town of Okotoks.

There have been a number of highlights throughout the year, including the 2017 election, trials and tribulations surrounding water, Veterans Way and much more.

Okotoks Mayor Bill Robertson says the number one achievement for council in 2017 was in the works for three years.

"Bringing approximately 33 quarter sections of land under the umbrella of the town, annexing that from the MD of Foothills and having that successful negotiation completed. It was completed July 1 and it was a huge accomplishment for the Town of Okotoks."

Roberston says there are other highlights that stick out for him, including the commencement of developing the D'Arcy and Wetterburn lands among other things.

"The Veterans way completion, the enhancement of that and the memorial wall in honour of our veterans was an accomplishment very proud to be part of that, and of course I walk down there on a regular basis. The 40 acre development of 32 street, what we call the Community Campus lands, it's now ready for the K-9 Foothills School Division school to go on that site."

He adds the first ever CP Holiday Train visit and the opening of the Operations centre were also big parts of 2017.

While there were many achievements over the course of the year, Roberston says there is one thing he would have done differently.

"I would have somehow enticed the government to give us more grants so we could have more great things. Having more money from senior levels of government would be wonderful but of course we understand realistically that there is certainly a shortage of money."

Roberston says there are big things on the way for 2018, including the possibility of securing funding for a water pipeline.

"We're working towards that, we've already had some significant meetings with provincial ministers, and we're hoping to get the funding for that pipeline so we can certainly plan for growth past the three year mark."

Robertson would like to wish everyone a great 2018.

"Happy New Year to all residents in the region, it's a great time to live in Alberta, to live in the Calgary region, and to live in or around Okotoks."

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