There's a new, futuristic classroom design being utilized in the Dr. Morris Gibson school in Okotoks, that is allowing students to take the reigns in the learning process and its even got a Lego wall.

Principal of the school Kevin Newman says, the classroom named "Doc's Design Lab" has a variety of learning tools and materials for kids to implement.

"Kids can design stuff on the computer, whether they're going to design with Lego, Strawbees, or wood, hammer and saw tools that we have, we're really trying to leave the design solution up to the kids to figure out."

The classroom is already in use and utilized by grades K-6 and aims to simulate a work space.

Newman says the ultimate goal of implementing the classroom, is to allow kids to design solutions to problems they devise and take self-initiative to learning new skills.

"We tried to leave it open for them to come up with a challenge and come up with a problem they want to solve and then access the tools and equipment that are provided so they can design their own way to solve it. We want kids to be the leaders in their learning, certainly still, having teachers there and guiding them and keeping them on track. But we want kids to devise their own goals in learning."

So far the classroom has had raving reviews from the students who have used it and Newman says more and more teachers are working it into their lesson plans.

"Students love it, they ask their teachers to take them there and teachers are getting more and more used to that space. Like any new innovation introduced to schools, there are early adapters who are up there constantly with their classes and other teachers who sort of dip their toes in slowly to determine what it's like. We're doing all sorts of programs around the school to get everyone on board, because it's a new thing, but natural for others."

Newman says, he's excited about what the future holds for this multi-media space.

"It's great to celebrate the learning the kids are doing up there, and it's just a cool space for kids."



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