For the second straight year the Osprey nest on a high pole above the Highwood River west of George Lane park is occupied.

Local bird expert Greg Wagner says they're looking at putting up one or two more to see if they can attract more birds to the area.

He also says the idea of a streaming video camera in the nest is something being looked at as well.

"You know there's been talk about doing that and that would be kind of neat. It'd be something the Town could point to and it might be something they'd do in the future."

Wagner says the nest is easy to find.

"It's only just a 20 minute walk from George Lane. If people know the area it's right where the Mercer House used to be. It's pretty easy to see. The birds seem to do pretty well in areas where people are going by frequently. It's an area where a lot of people go for walks. It's pretty easy to find."

Wagner says last year was the first the nest was used by the Osprey's which produced one off-spring.

He says he's not sure how many eggs are in the nest this year.

The Town of High River put the pole up back in 2015, with Ducks Unlimited contributing some cash, but it was only last year the Osprey used it.


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