For people who like to volunteer and groups who are looking for volunteers the Our High River App is ready to hook you up.

Jody Seeley with Our High River says the're "over the moon" excited to launch it.

"We are crazy, crazy excited to have the official launch of the Our High River App," said Seeley. "We are so excited to officially launch it on Volunteer Week and to say it is ready to go."

She adds the first step is to go and download the app.

"There is an activation code so that is the one key step that people kind of get stuck on, but that is just ensuring that people within our community are the ones who are utilizing the app."

The code: Our High River.

"So when you fill out your profile you will see when you go through it, it might feel a little cumbersome at first, because it is a lot of options for you to check."

The more information you provide the better the app is at matching you to an organization that suits your needs.

"So if you choose three specifics, and that organization is looking for those specific things, it is the first one that is going to show up on your task bar.

There are other developments coming along that will also make it easier for volunteers and groups to communicate with each other which will lead to better communications about community events.

For more information check out the Our High River Facebook page. They have a video walking you through signing up.


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