The swimming pool at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex has been drained so workers can repair some leaks.

The pool has been closed for several months for repairs and just as it was to re-open staff found it was leaking.

Town Manager Tom Maier says one of the leaks was on the expansion joints which was probably an age issue.

"So the seals on that are quite old," said Maier. "It is something with the pool being dry for awhile it became more noticeable. It was probably something that was leaking before, but it was a minor leak. This way we can address it and get it dealt with properly and it should be good to go."

The other major leak was around the drain and it just needs some resealing to fix it.

Workers will be in over the next few weeks and optimistically the pool should be up and running in late March or early April.

Maier says it is a good thing they discovered the leaks before the pool opened.

"To have it open and close it again that would have been disappointing."

He adds it was already a major disappointment as the community was very excited to have the pool open.

"So at least we can deal with it now and hopefully that is the last issue we see for a couple of years."

The next seasonal repair for the pool will be in the fall of 2020 and they are planning for a month-long shut down where they can do some long-term tank repairs.

"That should give us some longevity for the next 20, 25 or maybe 30 years."

The goal now is to have the pool re-opened by late March or early April.

"I think we are a little bit gun-shy right now to put an exact date on it, until we have the companies come in and do the repairs and then we will be able to give a little better direction."

Maier believes when they are within two weeks of opening the pool they will announce it to the community.


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