Long-time High River Fire Chief Len Zebedee is retiring after being part of the High River Fire Department for 43 years.

Throughout his career he's seen the Town through some of its biggest fires and floods and, most of all, the devastating flood of 2013.

Along with most of the town the flood also damaged his home and many of his families and friends homes.

"That was stressful times," said Zebedee. "We knew from the onset it was going to be months, if not years, before this community got back together and started to thrive again."

He says after five years, and although there is still work to be done, everything is looking good.

"With the protection that's been put around Town, I feel very confident that those issues we have seen in the past will not be at the magnitude that we saw in 2013, even if we do get the heavy rains and the snow-pack."

Zebedee adds it's been rewarding to watch the town recover.

"It has been heartwarming to watch the Town as an organization and the commitment the Town has made to getting things back to normal."

He adds this council and the last one have done a tremendous job rebuilding the community and moving it forward.

"And I was happy to be part of that whole process as we rebuilt and moved forward."

Zebedee said the rebuilding will continue for another few years.

"Things have settled down and the rebuilding will continue for another few years, but certainly the town is coming back and residents are feeling confident and that is a good feeling."

Which makes it a perfect time to step into his retirement.

Back in 2014 Zebedee talked about the flood in a series of videos reflecting on the one year anniversary of the flood.

Part two of a three part story.


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