Two elections, both Provincial and Federal could see massive changes in Canada, Alberta and locally in 2019.

While municipalities continue to chug along, regardless of who's in power, smaller centres like High River, depend heavily on grants and funding from higher levels of government, meaning local officials will be watching what happens with great interest.

However High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass says he's less than impressed with any of them.

"These elections, they're a messy joke. It's so disappointing to watch both Provincially and Federally, how these human beings operate. There's no compromise anymore. You've got to be so far left or so far right to be heard anymore. And if you're one or the other you're just offending everybody. Everybody's offended by everything. Nobody gets together like they did in the old days."

Snodgrass says in today's world of extreme polarization, we were better off 30 years ago, when politicians could disagree, but still find a way to work together.

"Until something happens that we get back to that way of thinking and stop the attitude of just being against, just to be against. Because I'm blue and your orange? We can't talk? Until that quits, for the rest of my life I can guarantee you this gong show isn't going away."

Snodgrass says politicians need to stop being "against" everything and simply work together.


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