There'll be a familiar name on the ballot for Mayor of High River when the October 16 municipal election rolls around.

Craig Snodrass says, after going back and fourth, he's decided to run again for the top job.

"My journey through this last four years has been difficult, it's been hard on myself, it's been hard on my family but at the end of the day we look for the greater good in the community that we live in and that's what's very important to Lindsay and I, we like the direction this town is headed in," Snodgrass says. "I've wavered over the last four years as to whether I was crazy enough to do this again, the first two years were full on carnage and chaos at all times and it was exhausting, I've got three priorities, number one is my family, number two is my own private business with Lyle Reeves Funerals and number three is the town."

He says he has lots of flexibility to deal with the day to day business as mayor and has a great staff working for him at his business and a very forgiving wife.

He says there are still flood mitigation issues that need to be completed including the southwest berm which he says needs to be completed whether he or someone else is in the mayor's chair.

"The Riverside Drive homes and the Highview Park homes, I've been working, myself and with council and administration, a couple of the residents who just refuse to leave, this has just been dragging on and on and I don't know why it's so difficult for them (the Provincial government) to reverse this piece (the decision to buy out the homes) but there is a process to it and I'm all in for doing the process," he says. "But my experience is pretty important in getting this thing done and get those homes back to people who want to live in this community and enjoy High River."

Snodgrass says he'd like to see a greater emphasis on providing facilities for the town's youth who, he says, have been neglected during the town's rebuild.

He says a new aquatic facility is necessary to attract families but there's a lot of work involved and community buy-in needed.

"But there's a couple of projects that I think we can do fairly easily, without a lot of money, one being a new skate park, number two being a BMX Pump Track," he says. "We need to find some land, maybe it's Town land, maybe it's private land, there's Town funds, but they have to be community led projects."

He says a new youth centre of some type is also needed for groups like the Scouts and other youth groups while at the same time the Friendship Centre for the seniors in town is getting too small so there may be something that could be built and used by both groups.

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