Knowing how to put together a resume, how to shake a hand, and which fork to use at a formal dinner are all lifestyle skills Grade 11 students are learning in etiquette classes while taking part in the High River Spring Ball program.

Volunteer coach Carmen Sewell says the lessons they learn in the etiquette class will help them in a lot of adult situations once they graduate from high school.

"The participants have had quite a bit of etiquette training and of course the dance classes," said Sewell. "They have been doing those now for a few weeks. On the etiquette side they have lots of practicing things like how to introduce themselves, how to shake hands, how to do some public speaking and most recently they have learned some formal dining skills."

They are hosting a formal dinner this week with special guests that can include the Mayor of High River, Town Councillors and others from the community.

The students have to set the table and serve the meal while entertaining their dinner guests.

"We have a bunch of special guests from the community join us and the participants are there to host their guests at the table for the night. So it is a great opportunity for them to practice not only their formal dining skills but their conversation skills as well."

The program also has a class to help students design a resume and prepare to go to job interviews.

"It really just gets them a little bit of experience under their belt for when they have to face these situations once they leave high school. One of the other things we will work with them on is how to build a great resume that helps you get in for interviews and things you can do to successfully interview."

She says those are very important skills to get jobs in the future and to get into post secondary.

The program also hosted the annual Talent Showcase last week where the students perform everything from singing to musical instruments to comedy acts.

It helps to get them to relax in front of an audience before they take part in the ballroom dance competition.

"It is more of a participants showcase more than a formal talent show, we just always refer to it as a talent show, It is a just a really great opportunity for the participants to showcase themselves and the things they are interested in. It gives them also the opportunity to get up in front of a crowd and have to perform or speak."

"The night just comes together and it is a great opportunity for the community to see their personalities."


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