The Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation is focusing on women's stroke risks this month.

Kate Chidester, the Vice President of Advocacy, Health and Research with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta says their annual report shows more women than men die from disease and have worse outcomes if they survive.

"People make an assumption that this is a mans disease. But no. Women are disproportionately affected by strokes. So, more women die from strokes. More women have worse outcomes after strokes. More women are living with the effect of strokes and they face more challenges as they recover."

Chidester says the reason for the difference is because women are at higher risk at key stages of their lives.

She says elderly, pregnant and menopausal women are at a much higher risk, as are women of South Asian or African descent.

Chidester encourages everyone to give generously when canvassers come to your door this month as they look for donations for more research into strokes.


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