The Town of High River is now taking in some types of styrofoam for recycling.

Town Operations Manager Eugene Lund says it's really only one kind.

"It's the white polystyrene packaging that's free and clear of tape, staples and other contaminants. There are other different types of styrofoam, say like some of the black food packaging that you'd get at the grocery store, that type of thing, that we're not able to accept."

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From a release from the Town:

The process for recycling polystyrene-based products is typically complicated and expensive.

Styro-Go provides companies and municipalities with a more affordable alternative to landfills.

Polystyrene currently accounts for approximately 30 per cent of landfills by volume.

Once recycled, polystyrene materials can be made into many different plastic-based products and this will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

It's a one year pilot project for the Town, and if successful will become permanent.

You can start dropping of your Styrofoam Monday, April 2.

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