Residents in the Foothills and across the globe are preparing for the upcoming holiday season, which can be a source of stress for many with shopping, events and hosting company.

Nikki Pearson, Personal Development Coach for Guiding Spirit Learning Solutions, says stress can cause many health issues, short and long term.

"Stress itself can be linked to a long list of health issues, such as heart disease, insomnia, chronic inflammation, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and obesity. We know stress affects us on a cellular level, so anything we can do to reduce that stress is going to help in terms of the health of our bodies," she said.

Pearson adds we can lower our anxiety levels, simply by taking notice of changes to emotions or moods.

"Notice when you become stressed, or demanding or anxious. We add pressure on ourselves by becoming stressed, and then getting stressed about being stressed. If you just observe the fact that you are having these emotions, without any judgement, the minute you start to take the observer stance, you're already starting to bring a sense of peace to yourself," she said.

Pearson says there are a few simple tips to get through the season and still enjoy it.

"You don't have to say yes to everything, it's ok to say no. That way it stops you from spreading yourself too thinly, allows your too embrace quiet time, relaxation and time to yourself, and spending time with loved ones," she said.

She adds that over-committing oneself to events and functions can contribute to increased stress and anxiety and often makes it difficult to enjoy time with friends and family when Christmas Day arrives.

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