After some back and forth, High River town council's decided to reimburse Hank Leefrink for the work he did on the town's 1947 fire truck.

Council originally said no and told him to go to the Community Vitality Advisory Committee but they too turned him down saying the project didn't qualify.

Leefrink says he understands those decisions.

"I really appreciate the town council and Community Vitality for all the work that they've done for this town and Community Vitality has a process and we all have to go through the process and unfortunately I didn't go though the process and the Town still saw fit to ensure that I was paid back," Leefrink says. "Community Vitality is still the best funding model that this town has for all its special events and I think every member that sits on there is a great individual and has only the best for this town at heart."

There was some question at the beginning about who, if anyone, approved the work be done before it went ahead.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass suggested Leefrink be reimbursed from the Community Vitality Advisory Committee's money, but some other councillor felt it wasn't fair to stick them with the bill.

Council will take the $5,202 from it's Public Relations fund.

Only councillor Bruce Masterman voted against saying, while he can't think of someone who has the town's interests at heart more than Hank Leefrink, the project should have followed the process of getting the okay for the work from the Town, before moving ahead.


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