Turner Valley residents won't have to dig as deep to pay their town tax bills this year.

Mayor Gary Rowntree says at the end of the day, Turner Valley ratepayers won't be paying as much.

"That's what we're looking at doing this year, is offering a little less in the taxes. So, once the Mill Rate is set, I mean assessments have gone up slightly, but a lowering of the Mill Rate, we're expecting to be able to offer a little bit less on property taxes."

Rowntree, who campaigned in last year's election on a platform of lowering taxes, has followed through on that promise, saying he and council found some savings that should pave the way to residents keeping more of their cash.

"Looking at wants and needs, and making sure we have the needs met first. We'll be setting the new Mill Rate in the next few days, or weeks, and all indications are we'll be able to lower the Mill Rate as well."

He says once they do that they'll have a better idea of exactly how much less residents will be paying this year.


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