Have you ever thought about keeping bees on your property?

The Town of High River passed a bylaw in 2016, which allows bees to be privately kept within urban areas, so long as the prospective hives are registered.

Town Planner Sarah Peck says it's a great hobby and a way to help out Mother Nature.

"It's a great opportunity to learn a new skill, local beekeepers also enjoy the honey produced, but it's also a huge benefit to local ecology. Bees are an extremely important part of our ecosystem."

So far Peck says only two residents have gone through the process of privately owning their own beekeeping setups, but she hopes more get involved with the activity.

As far as setting up a beehive on your property, Peck says you'll need to crack the books.

"Prospective owners will need to take an educational course through the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association, properly set up liability insurance, and be sure neighbors in the area are aware of the hive on your property."

Peck says it's a bit of work, but there's help out there.

"Liability insurance can be difficult to set up, but the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association can assist beginner beekeepers with the proper requirements."


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