From May 10 through July 5 in 2018, a public survey was available for residents to take online, where participants were tasked to grade High River in multiple aspects along the theme of quality of life as a resident in town.

The "Vital Signs' survey was first conducted in town in 2016 and this year 585 residents participated in the online survey.

The overall results of the survey suggest that the participants graded High River an average of a "B" rating overall, from a rating scale of "A" to "F" letter grades.

The overall score was averaged out of grades determined from individual aspects of community life, with the included topics in the survey as follows:

(Each category was also scored with a letter grade from "A" to "F", and the compiled results were compared to 2016's totals.)

  • Connection: Individual connections participants make with the community and other residents, businesses and agencies. 2018 Grade: B+   2016 Grade: B
  • Environment: How well residents evaluate High River's efforts in sustaining the environment and upkeep of green spaces and parks. 2018 Grade: B+   2016 Grade:B-
  • Expression: The amount of opportunity residents felt they had in terms of engaging with art, performance arts and local culture. 2018 Grade: B   2016 Grade: B
  • Health and Wellbeing: Access to medical facilities and availability of mental health supports. 2018 Grade: B    2016 Grade: B
  • Life-long Learning: High Rivers ability to promote continuous learning throughout life stages, either by supporting educational facilities such as museums, or the offering of post secondary education. 2018 Grade: B-   2016 Grade: B
  • Livability: The ability of High River to provide basic needs to its residents, such as food, affordable housing and viable transportation options. 2018 Grade: B   2016 Grade: B-
  • Safety and Security: Quality of essential services, protection from natural events and a feeling of wellbeing. 2018 Grade: B   2016 Grade: B+
  • Thriving Populations: Described on the report as "The opportunities available for every citizen related to their age and diverse backgrounds." 2018 Grade: B   2016 Grade: B

Overall averages show general improvements in the areas of Connection, Environment and Livability, with participants scoring Life-long Learning and Safety and Security lower than they did in 2016's report.

Notably, the report indicates that the respondents who took the survey could be classified as "self-selected" citizens, interested enough to complete the survey, however the results "may not be representative of all High River residents."

Each individual topic also featured further requested feature and requested areas of expansion in town.

For example, participants expressed the desire for a curbside recycling program, more advertisement and awareness for town events and more viable employment options within town.

For the full report, click here.


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