The Vulcan RCMP are looking into an influx of crudely composed Canadian counterfeit bills.

The bills are described as lacking the polymer feel of the newly issued Canadian banknotes, and have Chinese characters on the back.

Sergeant Troy Dobson with the Vulcan RCMP says fake money is routine, but they've turned up more of these distinctive fakes than expected.

"We've had counterfeit bills come through before, but not in the volume we are finding these, one of our officers are actually scheduled to pick up another bunch right now. We've uncovered around 30 so far, but that being said we've only had one that actually tried to be passed off at a local business."

Dobson says the bills have been turning up in strange places, including a bunch found near a sidewalk.

"The others have been found in various places on the sidewalk, we've had locals phone in saying they've found a bundle of nine one hundred dollar bills with Chinese writing on it, calling to report the issue."

So far, Dobson says $100 dollar bills are most common, but other denominations could be floating around.

"All we've seen so far is these $100 dollar bills, but I know there have been reports of $20 dollar bills in other areas as well, but nothing like that over here."

Dobson says you have two options if you come into contact with counterfeit money.

"Either the money can be brought into your local RCMP detachment, so we can run a forensic investigation on the article in question, but you can bring the bills to banks as well, they typically have experts on detecting fake bills."

The RCMP asks residents to submit the fake money, if you happen to find any.

Dobson also recommends reading the information that the Bank of Canada website has on the matter, if you have any concerns.


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