A scary situation for a Nanton family recently as a woman attempted to break into their home around 4 p.m. last Wednesday, March 14th, while their 15-year-old daughter was home alone.

Misty Kent Glawson says a female wearing a black hoodie entered the home after watching her husband Mike leave.

"This girl literally entered our home 30 seconds after that," said Glawson.

At first her daughter thought her sister had come home and was going straight upstairs.

The family lives in a  two story home and the intruder went up the stairs to the second floor when the families two dogs went crazy and forced her to go back down.

She then looked into the front room and locked eyes with Glawson's daughter, at the same time the dogs were barking like they never had before.

Glawson says after realizing someone was home the intruder ran out the door, slamming the door very hard behind her, and taking off in a white truck that was parked in front of the neighbours.

Glawson believes the intruder was looking for jewellery or something easy to sell for drugs.

"A lot of these people are anonymous and they are very good at being anonymous. They come in stolen vehicles, they are nondescript. They could be a thousand people even if they do catch them it's really difficult."

She adds it is very scary as a mom to have this happen.

"I don't want to leave my house. I'm worried at work."

She adds the worst part is after growing up in the community and not locking anything up ever to the new reality of keeping everything locked even when you are at home.

"We have talked to our kids about what happened and what to do if someone is in the house with you can you look for exits, what can you grab."

Glawson said the situation is very upsetting as a mom.

"I already keep them safe outside. You teach them about people, you teach them never get in a vehicle all the things you do outside the home. It makes me really upset that I had to do that with my kids inside the home."

She adds she is grateful that the situation wasn't any worse than it was, but they are all scared all the time inside the home.

Nanton police asked the family to share their story on social media to alert the community to what happened.


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