The most recent Community Cafe hosted by Our High River last week was taken over by the the Mayors Youth Advisory Committee and they had a few things to share.

Kalie Mosig with Our High River says the Youth Advisory Committee was formed after the flood.

"One of the components of the towns strategic plan, post flood, was to get youth involved in the community in some capacity," said Mosig. "We investigated how best to do that and saw that other communities had Youth Advisory Committees, we took bits and pieces from all of those different ones."

She adds it took a bit of time to get everything together and now they have 15 members.

"They have some really great ideas and are looking forward to moving forward in the future to provide that youth voice for the community."

Committee member Sarah Murakami says they are voice for youths in the community.

"If a youth comes to us and has an opinion on something, we can talk about it," said Murakami. "All of our members if they have something we can share it and we can share it with the Mayor when we have meetings with him."

The committee has been involved with Skatemania and the Books Bungalows.

Committee member Emma Jug is excited to be almost ready to launch a new fundraiser which she was introducing at Community Cafe.

"It is called Project Period," said Jug. "It is to help low income women get feminine hygiene products, through either straight donations or with a handbag full of donations."

She is looking for some sponsors to help her get the project underway.


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