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Friday is a Good Time To Shine!

Good Morning Friday is here and a good time of the week don't you think? Time to get ready for the Highwood Highschool Christmas Market! Today, 5-9pm Tomorrow 10-6pm Lots of silent auction items,…
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Monday Monday!

That wind last night is something the coffee shops will be chatting about today, I couldn't believe the howling and sounds of the night last night. Some say they don't sleep well with wind nattering…
Malcolm Hughes

The Weekend Wrap Up and November 11th!

Craziness in Texas happened when a young man went in to a small Church and unleashed Evil. That occurrence along with The Edmonton incident a few weeks back and of course The Las Vegas sadness is a…
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A story of inspiration

Not to long ago I met a lady who was in a wheel chair awaiting her lovely Grand Daughters wedding at George Lane Park. Although I have met a number of people over the years this lady was particularly…

HALLOWEEN 2017 Trick or Treat?

Is there an option now to trick or treat or do people just offer treats because the ghoulish forgot to offer the option trick or treat? To trick or get a treat? We as kids in the late 60's yelled…
spock6 costumes

The weekend is busy with Halloween Fun AND MORE!

(A VULCAN THEMED HALLOWEEN COULD BE FOR YOU) You have a great time waiting today and tomorrow as a a number of Halloween themed parties are set for Southern Alberta. Today at the Sheppard Family Park…
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A Post Election look back

(Counillor MacMillan holds an election sign used in her bid to win a seat in High River) Well, it's all over till the next time and as the dust settles there were some changes in Turner Valley, Mayor…
charley brown 005 may 2017

My American Cousin

This past weekend the Brown family were saddened with the loss of our Chris. Chris was a year older than me and one of the cousins I would cling to at family gatherings as a youngster. Me in my bell…
tara smith roe

Tragedy always brings out the best in people

I waited a few days to write about my feelings from this past weekend because I wanted to come from the heart and of course be accurate with the story. The sadness and tragedy from evil that unfolded…
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Flyers are all set for their Home Opener in the HJHL

Coach Tyson Avery says his troops are ready for the year and after losing on the road to the Copperheads by just one goal this past weekend the work continues Friday night at 8 in High River at The…

The Balloons are set to Soar!

I don't know about You but I for one am excited about our town and this weekend. Pilots and crews from all over will be here in our quaint little community for "The Annual Heritage Inn International… is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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