Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday. It's my "Monday" and it feels good to be back in the studio saddle!

You know that feeling you get after a fantastic weekend, where Monday doesn't seem so bad? Yeah! That's how I feel. I hope you had a fantastic weekend and got to enjoy the amazing weather we had!

I got a chance to step out of town and into the city lights of Calgary for a night and everyone is getting amped up for the Calgary Stampede. I lived in Calgary for seven years before coming back to High River, so after seven years of getting my hoe down and honkey tonk on amongst other things - I was like, 'I'm gonna take a break this year.' But then I saw the food line up and let me tell you... I changed my mind. It looks so good that I needed to share this with you, my friends!

My friends and I usually go buffet style and order two-three items each and share because let's  be real - our wallets and stomachs can't even when it comes to midway meals. With 40 options to try this year - we may need to make an exception though...😋

So, I have guts of steel and will eat and try anything and everything - except carrots, asparagus and corn - those are gross, but put something fried, fun looking, spicy or even slimy in front of me - I'll probably give it a go.

Understanbly, you may or may not be one of these people who can eat anything and everyting, and on-air I shared what my friends and I chose as a team for you to try munch on this year,  but I decided since you know me the best - you'd trust my judgement a bit more! Haha!

I chose my top picks for you to try at the Stampede this year!

*Please note I have not tried any of these, I'm basing these off the desciptions and pictures I have seen. I may be a media personaily, but not well-known enough to get invited to pre-tastings - it is one of my life goals though. Haha!


1) Cereal Monster Sandwiches: This looks legen- wait for it - dairy! With a huge hunk of ice cream, crushed between two cereal infused marshmallow squares, the size will totally be second to the taste. I also think this is great if you're going in the morning bright and early because it's cereal and iced milk essentailly - it's breakfast on the go!
2) The Worlds Hottest Pizza: Looks HOT. Infused with Carolina reaper peppers. They have an official Guinness World Record heat level of 1,569,300 Scovillle Heat Units. I'm worried that the spice would overpower every other flavour, I don't like when something is just spicy with no flavour. We will have to see.
3) Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls: Wrapped sizzling juicy bacon around the hot dog and pickle, cut them in half, battered and then deep fried…each served on a stick - you can't go wrong with this one!
4) Crispy Chicken Feet on a Stick: I dare you…
5) Ogopogo: These will have you going oooooooooh then jumping like you're on a pogo stick because they are Deep Fried Coffee treats with a delicious dark chocolate and peppermint glazes topped off with rich mint chocolates and icing sugar.
These are my top picks! For the full list and pictures to drool over - head on over to the Calgary Stampede website and get your stomachs ready and stay turned to us here on 99.7 Sun Country.
We have some delicious diabetes infused treats along with some sizzling sensations, but nothing beats the Wrangler Butt Buffet - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's so bad, but that's what someone called the Calgary Stampede today and I laughed way too hard.
Listen every Morning Show with Kevin Wallace and Afternoon Drive Home Show with Charlie Brown and myself this week for your cue to call for your chance to win Calgary Stampede goodies! Stampede Passes, Grandstand Show Tix, VIP Dog Bowl ticket and $20 Stampede Bucks!
-Sarah Scott
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