Something I've noticed over the last few weeks, months and years when it comes to politicians, in particular the one's around these parts.

They all seem to be nature lovers.

Nothing wrong with that, but I find it odd that all their photos, particularly one's they use for campaign literature are one's where they're standing in a a field of waving grain, with livestock in the background, or a beautiful mountain vista.

Sometimes they even enlist others, like their families or farmers and ranchers as props.

Of course it's all to promote an image of a "Candidate of the People."

Nothing wrong with that, these photos project strength, and family values and a love of the land and it's people.

roger reid ucp candidate for livingstone macleod june5 2018 002Livingstone-Macleod UCP Nominee Roger Ried doubled down in this one as he's posing with a local rancher and Foothills MP John Barlow, similarly dressed down, showing off the true "man of the people" qualities.

And I suppose for those seeking higher office, who haven't already achieved it, they really can't show themselves off at their hoped for offices or on the floor of the legislature, House of Commons or even Town Hall, so what's a candidate to do?

Go outside!

Preferably in a suit and tie.

livingstone macleod nathan neudorf oct21 2018 001 73The pastoral splendor of politicians amongst the animals. Livingstone-Macleod UCP nomination candidate Nathan Neudorf is the latest to enter the race and pull off the look of "You can trust me, I'm wearing a suit and a man of the land."

Although some take the "man of the people" thing more seriously and pose in jeans and a button down shirt, to show they can get down and dirty, but still look good at the same time.

thomas schneider ucp nominee livingstone macleod sept20 2018 001Another UCP Candidate in the Livingstone-Macleod Riding, Thomas Schneider, enjoying a day in the great outdoors. Although, unlike many others, he worked some trees and a creek into his shot, to show off the riding's environmental diversity.

What's really interesting though, is the number of politicians who really hate to have their photo taken.

We all have that one friend or family member that just can't stand having their photo taken, let along posted somewhere for all to see.

They think they'll look stupid or someone will make fun of them.

michael nychyk oct9 2018 001High River Town Councillor Michael Nychyk was not happy having his photo taken at a recent council meeting. Or, he's just all business. It's hard to tell. But the suit and tie are on point, and no livestock or amber fields of grain to be seen!

But in our business, and in the life of a politician, they just don't have much of a choice.

We need the photos for our websites and if you want to be in public office, you need to get used to having your photo taken, your voice recorded and being under the watchful eye of video cameras.

Hopefully, wearing a suit and tie while chatting with a farmer, surrounded by golden wheat and some gently grazing cattle on the background, while a mild breeze slightly moves a tiny bit of perfectly coifed hair just so.

pat stier apr23 2018 001Even sitting MLA's get in on the fun, with retiring Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier "bringing it down" posing with props! This time a turn of the century (the last one!) wagon. Pat's hair is always perfect by the way. Something I wish mine would do!

I remember when Danielle Smith was our MLA.

of course she was also the leader of the Wildrose Party and really always had to look her best.

I remember telling her a few times before I'd head to her office to interview her that I needed a new photo of her, and she's say it would have to wait as she wasn't wearing the right make up or had her hair done just right.

I wasn't that fussy about it, but she was and had an image, so I of course would go along.

Now, just for the record, I've run into Danielle several times with her hair up and no make up, and even though she may disagree, she doesn't look like she belongs under a bridge with the other trolls!

She is very presentable, but to each their own right?

Danielle SmithFormer Wildrose Leader and Highwood MLA Danielle Smith was always "picture ready" out in public.

So to those already in office or running for it.

Keep the nature photos coming, because when I head to the polls, I don't just want to know what you stand for, or your thoughts on complex issues (I do by the way), but if you can wear a suit and tie on the farm and make it work?

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