Previously being an entrepreneur and contract/freelance journalist/copywriter, I was on the move from coffee shop to coffee shop – I’m pretty sure I smell of coffee permanently at this point.

I wasn't the only one in there tip, tap, typing away words for a proper paycheck or having creative meetings to find ways to lead and captivate an audience of 25-30 year old stereotypical millennial’s who scroll in seconds, to a website or social media platform for them to purchase paint or party package... (yeah, people do, do that). There were many people around my age in my same position, doing the exact same thing on a daily basis. I would have to say 90% of the people at the usual spot were supporting themselves with their own companies, start-ups or freelance opportunities.

With a lack of jobs and the economy still in a bit of a slump (but not half as bad as it has been), we've had to find ways to provide for ourselves. That's how I got my start. Some mom's or dad's or whomever may just want to help provide for their family while being with their famil or they may have lost their job but still want to work, or maybe someone has decided to chase their dreams - whatever the reason may be they are being amazing! With help of co-operative spaces and co-work spaces - they have helped these dreams become reality and helped many many homebased/independent companies become more social.

So when I read that Canada is one of the world’s leading countries for founding start-ups, according to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), I wasn't surprised.

You always read, "support local, small business." or you're told to support local business because of whatever reasons regarding they will go out of business or they will suffer - which is true, (but a little extreme), but I don't think you should be quilted into it, so I’m not going to guilt you into it, (because I still shop at H&M and Simons and Sobey's and Tim Hortons - beer is always local though, always purchase the local/Alberta beer.)

I will say this though; you aren't spending your money on a company where the employees make minimum wage and the CEO is making millions - you are literally paying that person - that one person or that one group of people - who you meet face to face and who you will have physical contact with whenever you need them, who have a real passion to put you and your business in the spotlight or make you genuinely happy with their product, and it's not just because their bottom line depends on it, it's because they love what they do and they do it for you.

If you are a business owner, contractor, entrepreneur, commuter or remote worker in high river and the foothills, you're on the front lines of this change and I encourage you to be a part of this project that high river is going to pilot for all of Canada! It's your turn to be in the spotlight.

Rural on Purpose has given High River the opportunity through a pilot trial to partner with interested businesses that may have an under-utilized space or a unique multi-purpose space to participate to create a social space for entrepreneurs to work and connect.

Co-working is a unique model that provides aspiring dream-chasers a space to gather and work. Co-work spaces can vary vastly – from roaming pop-ups, to under-utilized space within an existing business, to purpose-built spaces that provide a wide range of business services.

Take head and head to the take-over week happening:

High River Co-Working Takeover Community Meeting
March 19 at 6:00 pm
Location: Bottled Up - 120 3 Ave, High River.

High River Coworking Takeover Week
APRIL 23-27, 2018 (exciting!)

Rural on Purpose would love to hear from you!


-Sarah Scott is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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