Ok, so I just sent in our first round of results for our High River Community Wellness Challenge!

After we worked out a few technical kinks, I think we got it down pat on how this challenge works for the point system and we have been doing really really well!

As Team Radiohead (Kevin, Charlie, Jessica and myself), we have joked a couple of times about some "loopholes" and some, "well it didn't mention anything about..." but all in all, we have all been very honest with ourselves.

It's all about balance!

That's what I really feel like the set up of this "Challenge" has excelled at. Just creating a healthy balance in our lives.

It's not telling us to run 5km a day or meditate for an hour every night before bed or only eat a certain diet. I feel like it's been a nice little daily reminder to try and do something a little healthier - whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally or community orientated.

Like yeah, I should drink that glass of water instead of that chocolate oreo milkshake from the Hitchin' Post, but maybe instead of that piece of triple chocolate cake tomorrow, I'll get a Real Fruit blackberry chocolate shake from the Hitchin' Post, then eat protien and vegetable rich dinner. You know what I'm saying? Or something like, I will save that cold beer for this weekend so I can get those five bonus points today because I'm lacking with my physical activity points and well those numbers are gonna be added somewhere else in the long run. Maybe I'll go to that Zumba class instead of just going to the gym alone- support a local teacher, try something new, meet new friends and get a good sweat in at the same time.

We have been so supportive of each other as the Radioheads! As the team leader, I am so proud of my team and they should be very proud of themselves!

I feel like we have all benefited already and it's only been a week. We all have a little extra spring in our step... and it's not from the weather (yet!).

So good luck to everyone in this High River Community Wellness Challenge (except Tacos Anonymous - it's only Taco Tuesday once a week, but radio is 24/7) as we all work towards being the best version of ourselves.


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