Happy Long Weekend and Canada Day 150! I hope you have had a chance to enjoy all the specatular activites that have been happening around the foothills this weekend!

This past week has been a whirlwind and fairly busy, so I excitingly welcome the weekend!

The weather has been great the last couple weeks and that always brings out a lot of people onto the downtown streets of High River.

One day last week, I was grabbing a coffee before work at Colossi's and I was looking at my Instagram as per usual when I'm waiting in line somewhere and I hear,


I look up and it was my friend Jen! Ahhhh! I hadn't seen her in probably four years - she moved to the East Coast to complete her Universtiy. We were in Rocks for Jocks (Geology 101: Intro or something...) together in my second year of Universty.

It was so great to see her friendly, beautiful face!

It was kind of funny to because it's High River - like what? It is so random! She is here for the summer working with her dad and living here till she heads back for her last, defining year of University in the East Coast.

It was nice to know someone in town again - after not being here for seven years, most of my friends have moved away like I did or they all have families and/or we just have two different schedules and lives now! And I respect that and it happens, right?

So with that said, I am looking to get out and meet new people in town and do things!

For Canada Day, I was a little reluctant to go down to George Lane Park for High Rivers Canada Day Celebrations because I have been up since 4:30am for work and didn't sleep well the night before and had a very very busy week and was a bit grumpy - as we all get when we're tired and had a busy week.

My mom lovingly said to me, "you say there's nothing to do here, but you don't even try to get engaged."

Which is a bit true, but to be fair, I work the hours most events are happening... (I'm here from 4pm-10pm, Tuesday-Friday and I am up at 4:30am Saturdays sooooo...it's a little limiting). I do have some days off though!

I responded (tiredly), "one day out of 365, one day there is something to do here."

So far I have been going up to the city as much as I can because there is WAY more to do there, but let's get real, that will get expensive real fast and I don't always have someone's place to stay at or hotels will get a little pricey - so I would like to stick around here one weekend, but...what is happening? What is there to do?

I've been here for a month, since moving back from Calgary, where I lived for seven years. I see our community events page, I tell you what's happening around town, I grew up here... I should know everything that is happening right? I must be missing something! I am totally out of the loop. I would love your help! I want to meet new people, really embrace the community as a true member again and get to know you better.

I go to the gym and some of their classes, I have discovered the AMAZING game of shuffleboard, I do enjoy the local coffee shops and I know there are jam nights and live music, and shop shops and Evelyns Memory Lane, and I've been trying to start a running club, but I have been out of town and work has kind of taken over a bit... yeah, I must be missing something! I shouldn't be missing anything! I want to keep you informed at all times! Haha!

Please note, I'm in my late 20's, not married and no kids, and I don't go to establishments of the adult kind a lot.

I really apprecaite you helping me out :) Thanks!

--Sarah Scott

Instagram: sarahonairhighriver

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