A 12-year-old singer from Okotoks recently got to live the dream of every concert-goer.

Grayce Otteson was attending a Tenille Townes show with her mother and was called up to the stage to sing.

She caught the singer’s attention with a sign that was a callback from Towne’s past.

“I had a sign that said, “Tenille can I please sing with you.’ I tried recreating it off of what she did as a kid at the Shania concert,” says Grayce.

Sure enough, the sign caught her eye.

“She called me up and I got to sing with her. I just started bawling my eyes out because I was so happy. I had a lot of fun.”

A singer from the age of five, Grayce can often be heard in her room singing Tenille Townes songs and playing along on guitar, according to her mother Stacy Zimmer.

Zimmer says this was a long time coming.

“We’ve actually been trying to get her to see a Tenille Townes concert since pre-pandemic, but then the pandemic happened, there was nothing playing, and then after, everything we found was 18 plus.”

She must have made an impression since Tenille Townes sent Grayce a message on social media a few days later.

The singer also posted a TikTok showing some news coverage of the moment.