Super-Pufft, one of North America’s largest manufacturers and co-packers of salty snacks for retailers and national brands, has established a new state-of-the-art potato chip processing facility in Airdrie at 705 East Lake Road NE. 

Nate Horner, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development, spoke to DiscoverAirdrie about the new facility coming to the city. 

“I think at a high level, we're talking about a $50 million investment. We're talking about 100 jobs or more. This is a great example of how Alberta’s first-class reputation for high-quality agricultural products, combined with the right business environment, is attracting new world-class agri-food investments to the province. Super-Pufft’s Airdrie facility represents a significant boost for Alberta’s potato growers, and will create hundreds of new jobs for Albertans.”  

Sinan Alzubaidi, Director of Operations for Super-Pufft, says countless Alberta-grown potatoes will be used every day at the facility.  

“We'll be bringing potatoes from Lethbridge; seven a half loads every day. Each load is 60,000 pounds.” 

Yousif Al-Ali, President and CEO, Super-Pufft Snacks Corp is excited to see what the future holds. 

“Our state-of-the-art facility is going to cater to Western Canada and Western USA. We are very glad that we chose this area and we have a lot of plans that we're going to put in the city of Airdrie.” 

Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown is thankful to Super-Pufft for creating more jobs in the city. 

“They're creating opportunities for people that may be unemployed right now, maybe looking for work closer to home, creating opportunities for their families.” 

Brown thanked Minister Horner for attending such an important event.  

“Minister, you coming here and recognizing the importance of this investment means a ton to me, my council colleagues, and our administration, Airdrie has been overlooked for many years and the fact that you're here and showing that commitment and recognizing what we're going to be doing for your customers out in the field and all our great producers, we can't thank you enough.” 

The facility is around 132,500 square feet, with 11 shipping and receiving doors. The facility will run 24/7. When both phases of the project are operational, the Airdrie facility will use about 78,000 tonnes of Alberta potatoes each year. 

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