The Alberta Community Justice Awards is a yearly spotlight on those who have helped to prevent crime and protect Alberta's communities.

Nominations for the award are currently open and the provincial government is asking people to nominate those individuals, organizations, community groups, and businesses that have made remarkable contributions to community justice through sustainable, yet effective, crime prevention, victims services and restorative justice, and other community justice initiatives and activities.

"These awards not only acknowledge the work done by individuals and organizations, but they also serve to inspire others to make positive contributions to our communities and for our collective safety," said the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Mickey Amery.

On top of the awards, they have given out in previous years, the provincial government will also be issuing the Enhanced Justice Award this year and will be recognizing the individuals and organizations who have supported an accessible and fair justice system in their community.

The nominees will fall into one of several different categories including Emerging Excellence, Innovation, Service Enhancement, Partnerships and Collaboration, and the Enhancing Justice Award.

Nominations are open from now until noon on May 15th.

Those who have been selected for an award will be honoured at a ceremony on June 28th in Camrose which is co-hosted by the Camrose Police Service.

For more information on how to nominate someone, head over to the Alberta Community Justice Awards webpage.