Today was a busy day in Arrowwood! It was the Arrowwood River Wranglers 4-H Achievement Day, Annual Sports Day, and their Ag Society Rodeo. This morning the village had a free pancake breakfast that was followed by a parade that started at 10:00am. The whole community came out to watch and support the parade.There was lots of floats and antique vehicles and tractors that were all nicely restored.

john deer

The 4-H achievement day was really fun to watch because all of the kids had to participate in relay races and obsticle courses on their horses and they also had to do some competitions on foot too! I liked listening to them answer the questions they were asked for their team quizes on horse knowledge. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know! The teams all had different coloured t-shirts on and some even tried to coordinate their horses tack colour to their shirts. On the back of these shirts it said "Hungry as a Horse" because the Arrowood River Wranglers 4-H group are helping to fundraise money for a charity that donates food to people. The fact that these kids participate in all of this is really amazing!


To find out more about the village of Arrowwood you can check out their website:

Tomorrow for Canada Day I'll be in Balckie for the morning then I'll be back in High River at George Lane Park in the afternoon so it's going to be another fun day!