The Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex in High River has some new inclusive programs this fall.

Tracy Morgan with the Rec Plex said the new abilities program has expanded this year thanks to some new partnerships.

"So, basically it's a program for people who require a support worker to come in and help them do physical activities. We kept our swim abilities but now we have sport abilities, our skate abilities... It's going to be a lot of fun."

Even if you're in a wheelchair you'll be able to get out on the ice thanks to some local staff.

"We have some instructors that specialize in this area. So, we have Cahina who's going to be offering a sit-strong program as well as dance abilities with Emelia. It's a whole new niche we're diving into, and we've really got some great partnerships going on.

Just go to their website or call them at 403-652-4042 for more information.

And click here for information on the Fall Community Guide.


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