Southern Albertans have been dreading Friday's forecast, which shows a good chance of rain on Canada Day.

Though it'll start off sunny, a thunderstorm is expected to roll through in the afternoon.

According to Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Jesse Wagar says the storm probably won't be very severe.

Unfortunately, even though it will likely drift away by the evening, it'll probably continue to rain.

"It looks like storms will show up at the normal time, that later afternoon, time, and move off to the northeast. By the dinner hour, for the most part, it looks like they'll have moved off, but unfortunately, the models are indicating that there could be some lingering showers in behind the first wave of thunderstorms on and off until the overnight period."

Beyond that, Saturday looks pretty clear, but Sunday and early next week look to be pretty stormy too.

"Looks like showers are moving in for Sunday/Monday, and maybe even into Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy our Friday and Saturday, I'll say that much!"

As always, she encourages anyone who hears thunder to head indoors.