Record-breaking warmth could hit the Foothills tomorrow.

A chinook will bring warm air into southern Alberta, with a forecast high of 10 on Friday (Jan. 13).

The warmth will only stick around for a couple of days, but it'll bring a warm night with an estimated low of 2, and a warm Saturday as well.

Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Janelle Gergely says we may well see a new record high for the Foothills.

"On the 13th, the current record is at 9, so we could potentially be record-breaking on the 13th if we reach that maximum that's forecasted."

The region usually sees daytime highs of around -4 at this time of year.

That's around where the temperature will fall back down to on Monday.

With overnight lows falling back to below zero over the weekend, the contrast of cold nights and warm days could make for freeze/thaw conditions and could produce fog.