Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools (CTR) has named its new superintendent.

Andrea Holowka will be assuming the role in mid-June, when Dr. Scott Morrison, who’s served as CTR’s superintendent for the past 10 years, is set to retire.

Holowka’s career in education started in 1995 not too far from Okotoks.

“I’ve spent 28 years in education, 26 of those in the Calgary Catholic School District, spending time as a teacher, an administrator, and some time as a superintendent, which is like an assistant superintendent, in various positions,” says Holowka.

She’s spent the last two years with the Calgary Board of Education as a Superintendent of School Improvement and is working on her doctorate, with plans to finish her dissertation in student mental health this summer.

Holowka starts with CTR on May 29 and hopes to visit each of the division’s schools during the three weeks before she fully assumes her new role.

She’ll also be working with Dr. Morrison during that time.

“I’ve known Dr. Morrison for many years. He’s a friend and certainly a colleague I’ve really admired and enjoyed working alongside, so I know the division has been in really good hands with him for a decade. I really value what he’s created and want to serve the system in a similar way.”

Likewise, Dr. Morrison is pleased to see Holowka taking on the role.

“She has got a provincial reputation; she’s known in every corner of the province because she’s such a thought leader in education. She’s been a senior leader at both Calgary Catholic and the Calgary Board of Education, she’ll have her doctorate in August. She’s just formidable, it’s an honour to have somebody of that calibre that wanted this role. It’s an honour to the division that she was interested in that role.”

Holowka says she’s thrilled to return to Catholic education, especially at CTR.

“I want people to know how incredibly honoured I am to be able to lead such a strong, high-performing school division that is centered on their faith. I really look forward to getting to know that communities and really being able to understand the good work, and like every school division, move it forward in ways that are required.”