Community Futures Highwood is looking to help young people entering the employment scene.

Business Advisor Cayla Eskeson says their Quest program is aimed at 16 to 20-year-olds with a goal to offer them experience in entrepreneurship and employment.

"Through the program they get one-on-one mentorship with an experienced business owner and then they receive entrepreneurship and employment coaching from local professionals," she says.

"We still have applications open; we're accepting 15 youth for the 2024 season and then we have openings for any business owners that want to make a difference in some young people's lives and give them some hands-on experience."

They're hoping that by going through the program young people who want to go the entrepreneur route will have a solid business plan at the end and be able to start  their journey and if they want to go the employment route they'll have a really polished resume and some work experience and that all the people who go through the program, by working with business leaders will get experience in management, administration as well as human resources and marketing.

This program is for youth living in Aldersyde, Blackie, Diamond Valley, Foothills County, High River, Longview, Nanton, Okotoks, Vulcan, and Vulcan County.

To get involved you can go to the Community Futures Highwood website.