Some Foothills County councillors have concerns about the province's latest flood maps.

The UCP government is asking Albertans to take a look and give feedback online, however, Division 1 councillor Rob Siewart recently told council there are errors in the maps.

He says some of the data in the survey is incorrect and if the information is wrong, the results will be too.

He points to the Hoeh Dyke, a significant part of the town of High River's protection, as partially missing and says the intake at Woman's Coulee is either missing or incorrect.

Many of the councillors say they've heard from residents who are worried about property values for land that wasn't in the flood area before but is now.

Councilor Siewart says he'd like to invite local MLAs RJ Sigurdson from Highwood and Livingstone-Macleod's Chelsae Petrovic to come to council and explain to them where the errors are and ask what the province plans to do with the feedback and what they expect the county to use the maps for.

They also say there's nowhere in the online survey to ask questions or any way to get hold of government officials to get clarifications.

The survey deadline is Monday, Feb. 12.