Urban farmers in High River have a deadline looming.

Owners of chickens and bees, and dogs, have to renew their animal's licence by the end of this month.

Dog licences must be obtained on the first day the municipal office is open and after becoming an owner of the dog or once the dog is three months old and dog licences must be renewed annually. 

Service dogs must be licensed in accordance with the Animal Control Bylaw. However, licensing fees for service dogs shall be waived.

For chicken and bee licences: 

chickens (file photo)

Licences must be obtained at any time of the year prior to acquiring the chickens or bees.

Chicken and bee licences must be renewed annually.

Each chicken owner must take urban chicken husbandry training or equivalent to be approved for a license.

To Renew an Existing Animal License

  1. Login to Citizen Self Service
  2. Use the same User ID as you would to view your utilities or property taxes on Citizen Self Service, or use the same User ID you would use to pay for your Business Licence or Accounts Receivable Account invoicing
  3. To get your User ID, please email corporateservices@highriver.ca and a new account will be created for you

Each beekeeper must complete a beekeeping course from an accepted organization or association to be approved for a licence.