Eamon's Garage Historical Society and River City Classics are revving up for the summer season.

President Ray Bouillet says the Show & Shine in September is back of course, but they have something new coming up in the next couple weeks.

On Saturday May 13 they're hosting 'Ladies Day at the Garage'.

Bouillet says it's for ladies that are looking to learn the basics of car maintenance.

"How to change their oil or where to find the dipstick, what kind of oil they should use, how often they should change it, tire pressure, where's the spare tire and how to change a tire are very important.  Just simple things what you should know about your vehicle."

It's $10 for the three-hour event from 9 a.m. till noon at Eamon's Garage on May 13 and they're keeping the cost low due to the sponsorship of Total Auto Care and Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society. 

"Ryan Lee [from Total Auto Care in High River] is going to be the mechanic that's giving out the seminar. We're actually going to have the raffle car there as a demo, so he'll be going through all of this on the raffle car, the 2006 Mustang GT."  

And yes, they have another 2006 Ford Mustang GT they're raffling off this year but this one is black and only has 63,000 original kilometres on it.

Tickets are $20 each for the car raffle and something new this year, they're offering up 6 tickets for $100 with only 1002 tickets available.

More information can be found on their website