The deadline is fast approaching for food producers of all stripes to get registered for Open Farm Days in August.

Tim Carson, CEO of Open Farm Days says it really does show off what the whole industry has to offer consumers.

"It really does run the whole gamut, we've got the ag tourism operators that have all the corn mazes and the u-picks are involved, we do have the craft breweries involved, the craft distillers are involved, we have the bison farms, the dairy and the beef, the whole shootin' match is involved in Open Farm Days, I like to say we have everything from alpacas to yaks, so really at the end of the day there is something for everybody to learn," he says.

They have 117 producers already registered for the August 19th and 20th event and are hoping to get about 150.

"Any farmer that is interested in becoming part of this great program they can go to our website, and learn all the information that's available and register through the website."

He says they're able to provide interested farms and ranches with information and the resources they need.

"There is time to really fully develop your program and what it is you want to do on-site," Carson says. "One of the things that we do provide is there's a whole series of resources and information that are available through our website and we've got an amazing team available that can help you through some of the regulatory issues if you're wanting to provide food service or long table dinners or even just doing direct farm sales and we do attract people from all across Alberta and all of western Canada."

This year's theme revolves around the bison and Carson says they're looking forward to creating some unique stories and showcase some of Alberta's history and how it relates to the current world as well as indigenous history.