Municipal enforcement in Okotoks have reported multiple instances of vandalism to speeding equipment.

On three consecutive days, electronic speed signs were found to have been defaced, with broken eggs and crab apples found nearby.

The signs display the speed of passing drivers, and they log information on traffic patterns.

Municipal Enforcement Manager Vik Kulkarni says they're meant to keep drivers actively aware of their speed to prevent collisions.

"What these tools provide us is they allow us to educate the public about driver speeds so we can protect some of our most vulnerable people in the community. So, reducing vehicle speed through these tools is one of the ways to reduce both frequency and severity of collisions."

He says that's what makes these acts particularly senseless.

"When you're vandalizing or tampering with this particular speed tool, you're doing a disservice to your neighbourhood and the overall community. We're trying to be proactive to make sure these tools are providing what they're meant to do... I've known Okotoks to be a caring community, so I don't understand the reason to do that."

Incidents of vandalism can be reported to the Municipal Enforcement complaint line at (403) 938-8913.

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