The Town of High River has wound down its Emergency Operations Centre.

With no significant moisture expected, the Highwood River is expected to continue to drop although there is still a High Streamflow Advisory.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says residents are being urged to stay away from some areas.

"We're asking all the residents to stay out of the Beachwood, Wallaceville and Mercer areas, this is just due to unpredictable places where there may be water that normally there isn't water and we are seeing some water flow through the stairs off of the Happy Trail on top of the berm area down at the bottom so again that's a normal spot where we do see flow come through when the river does come up, but we just want to make sure people are staying out of those areas and also the big one is staying away from riverbanks, as we see a lot of eroding of those banks happen and you may be standing on something that doesn't have anything below it and has the ability to collapse and have somebody go into the water," said Zebedee.

George Lane Park has reopened as has the Little Bow Dog Park and playgrounds.

Town crews have checked them out to make sure they're safe.

Zebedee says the wind was a real problem.

"The wind that popped up was certainly a bit of an interesting curve ball that got thrown at us and we did have a fair bit of tree damage and branches and limbs and things that did come down, we were able to keep on top of that and having the EOC open at that time did allow us to coordinate all the efforts of trying to locate those issues, tracking them and making sure we made it to all those places to get them rectified and as you see now the majority of the clean up has been done on the trees. Crews will still be around town for the next little while assessing and cleaning up the remaining stuff that's around town."

Zebedee says he really wants to point out how great it was to see all the community backing and positive emails and phones calls from the community supporting staff that had been out making sure the town was safe.

"It certainly keeps the motivation at the EOC up and keeps our staff motivation up as well and we certainly do appreciate all the support of the community as we work our way through this over the last few days, it stems back to that 'people first community' and that really shone through over the last few days." Zebedee says.

floodTown crews working Monday to pump water along 12 Ave.