Today was day two of the Nanton Equine Days 1st annual Mule, Donkey and Horse show at the Ag Grounds. They had lots of different events in both western and english. There was even a side saddle class! How they got the horses to canter I have no clue since both of the rider's legs were on the same side of the saddle so that was pretty neat to watch. There also was a young group of trick riders that performed and they were so cool! They did all sorts of flips and different tricks with their horses. They're very brave to be able to do all that!


The donkeys there today were super cute! I love their big, long ears and the goofy noises that they make.


The youth volunteer group in Nanton called the Leo Club were also there today donating their time to helping out with the show. They're an awesome group of kids and help out in the community anywhere that they can.

 To learn more about the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club there website is

 If you're interested in all of the different events that go on at the Ag Grounds in Nanton you check out their website for a full list of events