The Fargo crew on scene during a shoot in High River earlier this winter. (Photo courtesy of Matt Palmer)

As the FX television series Fargo films its Season 2 finale in High River, it's clear to see the town has become a go-to spot for the popular FX show.

Fargo Producer, Kim Todd, says High River fits in with the setting of the show, which is why it's been a filming location since day one.

"High River's a wonderful town with all kinds of personality downtown, and a nice variety of architecture," she says. "It's close enough to Calgary that we can get there without staying overnightthere are all kinds of benefits."

The first time Fargo came to town, it was less than a year after the 2013 flood, and Todd says it's inspiring to see High River recovering and moving forward.

"I'm very impressed, we all are, with how (High River) picked itself up after the flood, which was a huge blow," she says. "People seem to have really banded together. I have a great admiration for the community spirit in the Town, and people seem committed to each other and to the town. You couldn't have anything better to say about a place."

While only in town for short periods of time, Todd says she and the Fargo crew always look forward to coming back.

"It's fun for us to get down to High River," she says. "It's fun for High River people, because it's a little bit of a different experience. It's a bit like the circus coming to town, they wouldn't want us there all the time, but we try to make our visits pleasant."

Photo courtesy of Robert Hilton

With big productions such as Fargo, Hell on Wheels, and Heartland, to name a few, already utilizing High River, Todd says she believes the town's status among filmmakers will keep growing.

"(High River) should look forward to doing more work with film companies," she says. "And I'm sure film companies will find High River. Especially knowing a community has done work with film, and understands some of what a film comes in looking for, then I think it's highly likely that High River will get more and more of this kind of work."

Although she doesn't have an exact number, Todd says this season alone, Fargo crews have spent about $250,000 in High River so far.

Fargo wraps up filming in High River between April 29 and May 8.

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